Wednesday, November 12, 2008


physically and emotionally drained today, not much creativity going on.

more a couch with a book and a glass of wine type evening. too much with work worries (company being bought out will do that to you) money concerns (who isn't there these days? we probably didn't pick the optimal time to build another house, but who knew? and let's just add number one to that equation, even though there's no reason right now to think i won't have a job, i don't live in a town with a great job market. this one would be tough to replace) the stress of getting said house built (steve hasn't done anything else for months) working on the dog off leash trails (that hearing will be soon, but we still need to stay organized & keep working at it) and trying to get new work together for december gypsy.
i'm sure it will all look better in the morning after a walk (or a run, there's that extra 5 lbs i'm packing that's adding to the joy!) but i sure needed some down time.
i do have a few things laying around that are started and that i have some ideas for, so tomorrow night we could be back to art therapy. :)


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yep- he's really a big sweetie too :)