Friday, November 28, 2008

day off?

omg- how is it that i can have a day off work that i thought i could play with art to my heart's content and instead:

i will be:
walking dogs (well, always and exercise is good and i can visit with carolyn)
measuring the pioneer building lobby & figuring out set up for gypsy gallery next thursday (ok, that's art related)
going to the empty bowl soup lunch to benefit the food bank (good thing to support, always good soup & a new art bowl)
by now it's 12:30- i can probably get some art done before 5:30 when i'm headed to gno with my friends- but i need to get things put together for gypsy gallery, make magnets & such, so it may be less play & more production

and then to fairfield to paint the house this weekend.

oh well. i'll sleep when i'm dead! and make art after the dog hearing wed and gypsy gallery thurs.

more to follow (and yes, i'm grateful to have such a full life and to be able to do the things i enjoy. it just gets overwhelming once in a while. and thanks to steve for being a good sport about all of it....)

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