Saturday, November 8, 2008

customer service happy ending

we're going to mexico in a little over a month (yay!) we booked the trip in june and (of course) a few days ago got an email that our flights had changed, necessitating an overnight in la, which means hotel, cab fare, meals and another day of work missed.

when i contacted alaska airlines i wasn't too concerned because i have always found their customer service to be great. at first i was told they would pick up the hotel. then, as the gal read the notes it changed to one voucher for $ 100 for use on any future flight. she was really apologetic and i asked who to contact.

i sent off an email to customer service telling them how weak i thought their solution was. within 24 hours horizon/alaska responded saying we had received the wrong info (tho i am certain that the first woman i spoke with was seeing what she told me) and that they would, indeed book us a hotel and, for our trouble, provide a $100 voucher for each traveler.

i don't get to fly alaska much except on vacations but they've always been (for me) one of the more pleasant airlines to fly. i am so glad that they redeemed themselves in the customer service area- i was really disappointed!

it's good to share positive things, and at a time when things are tight and airlines are crunched it's nice to know that alaska still understands the inportance of customer service- even for people who are not regular travelers on their flights.


Diane said...

Good for you! I love Alaska Airlines. I have family in Washington state & I fly from Ca to Wa 3 or 4 times a year. Alaska Airlines is always my carrier. I would happily agree to even pay a bit more to fly with them.
I hope you have a wonderful trip!

mk said...

hi diane- i was just so relieved that they lived up to what i thought of them for so many years! it was like getting bad customer service from nordstrom- inconceivable-