Monday, November 17, 2008

shaken not stirred

i love daniel craig as bond, don't care what anyone says- he's right up there with sean connery. roger moore was good, but it was different. didn't like pierce as bond at all, tho i like him in other things.....and i liked this movie too. but them i am pretty notoriously happy as long as i'm entertained. can't wait for the star trek movie. i can only hope that shatner has a cameo as james t kirk's dirty old man uncle or something....

anyway- i keep thinking that this will end up with things hanging from it influenced by the offerings i saw at the mission in tucson. so i draped the mardi gras beads and looked at it every once in a while today- and i think that's the right direction. now i need to dig into the old jewelry drawer & see what i have.... and a few more layers of glazes....

and after i posted about stuff in drawers that i should just let go of, i remembered this from some months ago & thought it might be a good match for the leaf print on lutradur that i didn't know what to do with- and lo and behold, it might just work-

more exploration tomorrow night, i'm sure. i think that first thing i'll do when i get to the studio is see if the clock is right! oh, and i better find my key....... hasta-

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