Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i don't feel like i have done anything arty in a long time. i know i needed a recharge, but still... although i have done press releases and come to the show emails...

these are the metal squares from zella for her february show. i need to start thinking about what to do with them, probably make a few more gel medium skins... maybe try etching from an ironed on photocopy.. after gypsy, that is-
put a raw sienna glaze on this- warmed it up & unified things- i like it better. i need to go back in with some darks to define some shapes and then slap some medium over it. it's getting there....
and this is coming along too. i've just been looking at it. then i started rubbing off the blue with rubbing alcohol b/c i didn't like the way everything was buried. i think this is much more interesting, and i like the addition of the red. want to figure out the right way to hang the charms... i may need to go to a craft or jewelry store for some chain- the hemp cord isn't doing it for me, and i don't have any broken gold chains (hard to believe!)
i did pick up a few goodies at joann today- a heat gun to melt lutradur, some embossing powder (hidden at the top) b/c since i now have a heat gun....... well, you know :) and some stamps b/c they were 40% off and some day i will figure out how to do cool things with them like the other people in the yahoo groups and on the blogs i read.

i picked up the small watercolor paper last week thinking i could make a few more hearts for gypsy next week..... in my spare time between cooking thanksgiving dinner, going to the lobby of the pioneer building to figure out how we're going to set up, doing dog stuff (because THAT meeting is next wednesday), work and painting at the fairfield house. see why i skipped art tonight? oh, and there's the snowshoe clinic at rei tomorrow night...
i was having sort of a grumpy day (feeling buried? maybe) so i went to albertsons and bought a turkey and took it to the food bank. and boy did that make me feel better. glad to be able to do that, glad to see the smile on the receptionist's face when she saw the bird, glad to hear they're getting closer to having enough to feed people. and very very grateful for what i have.
and then i checked out loreto mexico where we'll be in a few weeks ( 3 to be exact) and felt myself relaxing a bit more..... it will all be fine.
so i'm having a glass of mommessin beaujolais nouveau- yummy! and thinking about heading to bed. 4 day weekend after tomorrow, and things have been quiet at work...... ahhhhhh

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