Thursday, November 6, 2008

and a little bit o' art

i'm probably a big weirdo, but i really like these for some reason. we'll see how they do at gypsy. they'll be in 5x7 white mats. and it was fun to have them to doodle on while flying. and with some drive by truckers on the ipod.
tracy said she'd like them as cards. i think i have some watercolor cards around here that i never did anything with- i should get those out & play with them.
also thinking that maybe i will make a rubber cement resist for the pattern instead of drawing it with a q tip & see how that goes. i would be able to get some finer lines and have more control. i'd probably end up with more paint on the paper too.
also got 2 metal pieces with zella's frames on them. she did great. in fact, the women at our meeting liked her frames better than my art as far as i could tell...... oh well!
that was the other art thing today- the wca meeting. things progressing well. love this incredibly organized committee!
okey dokey- i have satisfied my need to blog for today. broncos in a tight game, may need to stay up for a while.....

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