Sunday, November 23, 2008


another photo weekend- love the red of the willow, the tawny grass and the prussian mountains..... these colors will all end up in the house up here.
i keep taking pics of this tree- i think i'll end up with plenty of them, only maybe not so much when it has leaves on it-
inversion today- gray, no sky or mountains to be seen. it can be pretty as long as a person isn't facing the prospect of weeks of freezing weather and no sun because it's inverted.
hoar frost on the grass...
my tree again...
the mules making sure that we all stay far enough away. echo didn't show much interest. halle did but a zap zap here and a zap zap there kept her out of trouble. i would like to get closer to these guys & get some pics- will have to leave the dogs home and do that.
this is all of the painting i got done this weekend....... but it's good:) i really like the dark brown- it will look great when the room's all put together.
and now a bit of r & r. i have a thursday & friday off this week, so i will have a chance to put some things together for december 4 gypsy gallery...

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