Thursday, October 23, 2008

why hearts?

i've been wondering where the hearts are coming from. i'm not much of a sentimental hearts & flowers (some might call it sappy) person so i find it kind of interesting that these are emerging.

i have a hard time taking them seriously because it's not like painting a landscape or an animal or anything that should look like something.

i think it may be about being open. the hearts are open at the top to take things in and they are growing roots at the bottom. some of them are sending things back out into the universe. most are also holding something inside.

the older i get the more i think about community and being connected. being open and giving and not feeling soft or vulnerable for doing so, but understanding it as a strength. trying to react with humor and understanding instead of being militant (except with people who won't pick up after their dogs!!!!)

these are some prints i did this evening. decided i like the not perfect print that i can color in. i wonder if the paint is drying fast b/c i'm not using glass to spread them on. or cuz it's acrylic. doesn't matter much except that i would like to not have half of the sheet too dry to print....
i'm going to make some small pieces to fit 5x7 mats for the december show & see how they do.
i can still use another heart for the wood pieces from the fairfield house...i think they will keep coming for a while....
we had a fabulous bottle of cabernet franc 2004 from cougar crest vineyard in washington with dinner, and i saw gray's anatomy for the first time since the writer's strike. nice relaxing evening.


Marilyn said...

These are so pretty. I do love hearts open or in traditional form. I also happen to love red and purple.

mk said...

thanks marilyn! we'll see how the progress :)