Friday, October 3, 2008


these are the skins from the gel medium on the photocopies. the worst part of these is rubbing the paper off- which takes a long damn time & has to be done carefully to avoid tearing (you'll notice i didn't accomplish that goal).

i don't think they're transparent enough for this project, but they'll be fun on canvas or board. will rub more paper off & see anyway..... will also try a caulk transfer & a heat transfer this weekend.

i called in sick to the market. feeling funky, no point in a) making it worse or b) infecting everyone who comes by. offered to pay my booth rent. i am sorry to miss it, because i haven't had many saturdays this year, but it's the best decision.

cold will also prevent weekend in fairfield. cold, rainy 10 degrees colder than here. won't be much help hanging sheetrock. looks like a whole weekend of down time. which i probably need. will most likely take the jeep up sunday & ride home with steve.

off to bed now. had a hot toddy to help me sleep.

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