Tuesday, October 21, 2008


not so much fun at the day job this week. but oh well. it pays the bills. and i have things to keep me sane- great co workers who remind me to laugh; husband who lets me vent & indulges fantasies of 40 hr a week jobs actually paying enough to survive on; friends who do both of the above; four leggeds who make sure i get out and get exercise, are always glad to see me and make me laugh; and art to play with. i was glad to have tuesday painting to look forward to....... (and kristy and nancy to laugh with).

here's this after some gesso. more cohesive. needs more layers of paint. like it better now, tho.

this is closer to done too. maybe it needs a wispy cloud in the upper left corner for balance & so it doesn't look like it's sliding off the canvas to the left.....
will try to get a better shot of this tomorrow- finally painted over the print. i like it. like the transparency of the oil paint and, of course, one of my fave images.....i can see this mounted on a piece of wood- bolted on maybe-
and, when i realized i had no clean turpenoid & had to quit painting i started filling in the blanks of the monoprints that didn't work so well the other day.... it's fun now! more to come. nothing like a little doodling with some bright colors....

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