Tuesday, October 7, 2008

repeating images

i have been thinking about images that keep repeating themselves in my art, and wondering why certain images resonate, not only with me, but with friends & customers.

when i was reading this blog today http://hrt2hrt4mike.blogspot.com/ the author mentioned that she liked a sketch so much that she would probably use it over & over again. i'm not the only one!

here are several that keep coming back- first a scan of a peony seed. i keep meaning to scan some more seeds, because i have a few of these that i like to use over and over again.

this tree is what started me down this thought process again (i think i visited the idea back in january or february). i was thinking about the metal quilt and wondering about using different versions of the tree somehow.

i am drawn to tree silhouettes against the sky- probably due to my attraction to openness. also something about growing in an inhospitable environment and about putting down roots. i have had lots of positive comments about both pieces on the bottom. the top right sold early this year.

this started with a pretty bad shot of 2 farm buildings at dusk- again showing against the big sky. i liked the basics, so did lots of digital darkroom work. again, people seem as drawn to the image as i am- all of these except the bottom piece are sold.

it's kind of interesting to sit down and look back over things sometimes. i'm not generally very introspective, so it's probably good to spend some time reflecting.

anyway- i didn't paint tonight, kristy had to work & nancy is out of town. i did get varnish on bella so she can go home to tracy soon....


Marilyn said...

And I do love your trees!!! Do them over and over, please.

Diane said...

These farm buildings are wonderful. I love what you did with that picture! I'm not surprised they're sold!

mk said...

thanks to both of you. i love that you each responded to a different image!