Sunday, October 26, 2008

photo interlude

i worked some yesterday, but when excel started wigging out it was a clear sign to give up. so we loaded up and went to fairfield to meet steve. planted some trees & shrubs, then went for a hike. tho the trees are a bit past their peak it was still beautiful- and the light was great.

the sunset was beautiful....

and so was the sunrise...

and then i came home, ran errands (home depot, grocery store... a barnes & noble stop in there...) did some work, took a walk, and downloaded photos.
i read on one of the yahoo groups about a great sale at office max with laser printers for $50. that would be way cool, b/c i wouldn't have to make copies for transfers... and who could quibble with a $50 printer? awesome! that was the plan, til i went to b&n and found the new pretenders..... and the new kings of leon..... and a kills cd...... and there went my discretionary income! oh well..... music is always good!
and we didn't win the lottery. i was having fun fantasizing about that on the drive home. finish the fairfield house, remodel this one and put a studio over the garage, start a center for the arts, set up some funds to help people go to college...... but all of that will have to wait and we'll be going to work tomorrow. oh well!

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