Friday, October 31, 2008

pa the tique

for someone who looooooooooves halloween i don't do a very good job of decorating.

i do dress up and do candy and love to see opd's (other peep's decs).

way distracted today with dog stuff. and grumpy. not sure if i am properly strategizing or if we can get lots of peeps out for a hearing. even tho there will be plenty of complaining if it doesn't turn out right.

thank g for the buds. i can say i've been b$%*&y and they say yeah you have and i hate it that they agree with me but have to admit they're right. and they still love me.

i have been thinking about art, just not making any.

too much, but it will come out as art

the last few days have been about the art of making it work. i know i can. just need to navigate and stay calm and focused.

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