Wednesday, October 1, 2008

october heavy metal

feeling a bit funky today- stuffy head, upset tummy, hot cold- alla that fun stuff. ick. let's hope this is the one cold for the year.

got started a bit on the metal project this evening. trying a few things, first is making a transfer skin with gel medium & photocopies- 6-8 layers of gel alternating directions, then soak the paper off & adhere with more gel medium to the metal. good use for the copies left from the encaustic class.

next experiment will be printing directly on the metal by way of the golden digital medium. the epson is supposed to take surfaces up to 1.3mm thick (which is pretty darn thick!) we'll see....

as an idea what images might work well, i put transfers over these pieces of metal & scanned them in. looks like strong black & white images will be best.

i like these reflection shots. think they'll look good on metal- will probably try on one of the pieces i run trough the printer. stay tuned....

and now- a shot of nyquil and off to bed.

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Charmingdesigns said...

I love your work. I just signed up with the yahoo transfer group so I looking around. Love the look on the metal! Laurie