Saturday, October 4, 2008

more metal

sick girl took a day of rest- after a dog walk and a trip to my second & third favorite art supply places (home depot & staples), with a b&n reading stop thrown in. on the couch much of the day snoozing with swisster. helped- i woke up ready to start the metal image transfer experiment.

first, the steel from home d coated with the golden digital ground- these will be all ready to go when the mood strikes...

i took over the kitchen table for the trials-

first up- caulk transfer from a 3m inkjet transparency- good results. will note that the first one i tried, from a transparency printed today, didn't work as well- i had printed this last night, and in combination with less enthusiastic burnishing, it is cleaner.

this is a golden soft matte gel medium transfer from a 3m inkjet transparency. also worked well, tho i'm not sure about the matte look on some of the other metal pieces. i will either coat with gloss gel or a gloss spray varnish to see what that does. was quite excited about the detail in the tree limbs, though. it seems i've been over burnishing and moving things around as a result.

this is a pleasant surprise- i didn't expect to like the skins much at all, but this looks good ( will get a better shot tomorrow). it was quite wrinkly, so after the gel set a bit i smoothed it out & added another coat. it is more transparent than i would have thought, and the gloss gel shows off the metal nicely. still a PITA to rub all of the paper off, but the results could be worth it.

another golden soft gel try- planning on going over with oils, like the distressed look....

and another skin over some expanded steel- we'll see how this one dries, but as of now, kind of fun.

what was not successful- a heat transfer using lazertran silk. i bought some t shirt tranfers to try judy's method too.

anyway- possibilities!

and now, a hot toddy & bed......


Laurie said...

These are looking great Marianne! I especially love the one with the tree and rocks. Very cosmic or apocalyptic looking.

mk said...

thanks laurie- that is my collaborator's favorite as well. i can't wait to see how she puts them together!

Marilyn said...

These turned out quite nice. I like #4 down on this post.