Saturday, October 25, 2008

more hearts....

worked on these while watching boise state pull it off over san jose state last night. after working until 7:30, with more of that in store today. woohoo. repeat after me: i am lucky to have a good job that i like 90% of the time....

think the color scheme here was influenced at all by the game? haha! at least one bronco team manages to win! :)

these little guys are in 5x7 mats. i think i will do more for the december show. i like them- they're cheerful, playful & bright. i can sell them for under $20- we'll see how they go over.
i have some print making paper to try with rather than watercolor paper. also some rice paper from the encuastic workshop.

i like how the acrylic is so spotty in how it prints, giving me the random areas to fill in. i think i'll also try some full sized watercolor sheets & some multimedia artboard. then i could play with color washes & texture from different mediums. whatever doesn't work can go in the "misc scraps for future projects" drawer (and tub).

i found a bunch of the little 2x2 square canvasses too- if i have time to make some magnets maybe i'll try some transfers. thought the magnets i made on them last year haven't sold i still like the idea & will keep trying.

off to the work computer, then to fairfield to plant trees. hope for art time tomorrow.

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