Wednesday, October 8, 2008

mess up

a while ago i said i'd post the next thing that didn't work out so well- so here we are!

this is the image that i printed on galvanized steel the other day. i thought it needed more detail toward the front.

went back into photoshop & saw more detail if i took the print black & white, but liked the idea of color through the gate (wizard of oz anyone?). so i thought i would do a transfer of the b&w image over the print.

now i know that the digital ground can be gouged off if not careful (varnish!) and that the caulk cracks the ground when it dries. the flexibility of the steel may have something to do with it too.

and even tho this isn't quite what i meant to do, i still sort of like it and will see what i can do with it- maybe rub some paint in to the cracks & use some medium to protect- i can't make it worse, and may end up with something usable.

now to put together my agenda for the wca benefit meeting tomorrow. met with zella today and had fun talking about the quilt project..... lots to do! woo hoo!

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dewatobay said...

Marianne, fascinating. You are an inspiration, and I appreciate your generosity.