Saturday, October 18, 2008

home alone

training class with halle this morning- good to get her back in. she & paula had a bit of a conversation about doing a down, but paula won. and we have had a few more practice sessions today.... it's all good! and then she & echo got to play with the other dogs... then home, a nap, a few hours in the yard, read, nap and then art.... pretty nice relaxing day all in all

one benefit of being home alone is that i can take over the table without putting anyone out...... so here we are- to be cleaned up tomorrow, of course....

put a coat of clear gel on this one. i am trying to remember how i made a frame around another piece on the multimedia board months ago with gel medium.. i must have waited for it to set up a bit before drawing designs in it...will tape around the transfer & try that tomorrow.
the transfer i tried on this (alcohol from 3m) didn't work, so i washed that and the print off and am starting again. thought maybe the stencil under the print would add interest- i will do the other half, then knock it back & go from there... maybe do a rose print under the hips, since they have the most transparency.
tried some monoprints. used acrylic b/c i am planning on using with acrylic medium. dries too fast..... maybe i should have dampened the paper, or kept the paint misted... wonder if i use alkyd if it would be OK in a mm piece since it's on paper?

yep, still nothing done.... tho i did get some varnish on the steel pieces. what golden recommends to use isn't cheap, but if it keeps the prints from scratching that's OK. we'll see. at least boise blue is carrying now, which is good.....

off to bed with a book. hike in the morning (too much junk food, not enough running is helping put on the winter lbs....), maybe more in the yard- and more art-



Laurie said...

Hi Marianne -- I did some woodblock prints a while back with acrylic paint. I found that spritzing with 70% alcohol seemed to do the trick for getting these to print well. It's been so long ago though that I don't remember whether I sprayed the woodblock or the paper but whichever it was it worked well for me.

mk said...

thanks laurie- i will give that a try!