Friday, October 10, 2008

friday photoshop fun

learning layers..... funny how that lightbulb sometimes just goes off.... here's how the first one turned out-

not as crazy about how it printed out on the steel- wish the color was a bit more intense. i think i'll hit it with varnish & paint over to pop it a bit.

next, i printed the reflections on clayboard. this is a bit too thick for the printer, and had skid marks, but i was able to wash those off easily- which means that i need to protect the ink before i try to do anything else on this surface because it will wash off easily too. we'll see how the ink is tomorrow- supposed to be permanent & waterproof, maybe it will set.

lastly- the more i play with this the more fun i have. liking this incarnation.... different layers with different filters. it would be fun to have a glimpse of a figure through the door.... or an angel statue, a shadow, something....we'll see how it goes-

looks like a busy weekend, hope to have time to play-


Diane said...

Very, very cool! You've got me messing with photoshop too! You are really doing some great stuff!

mk said...

thanks so much! i could lose hours......