Thursday, October 16, 2008

day off

more time spent reading & contemplating than doing this week- which is probably good. i need to gather my thoughts & come up with a few complete new pieces before december gypsy gallery...

i have some ideas- the steel pieces, and some digital/mixed media stuff. it needs to brew in my brain a bit. i'm looking for images. i want some with strong outlines that i can print on metal & then paint. i started with the farm buildings, will probably work on that this weekend. i have some leaf scans too, that would probably work. i have printed on watercolor paper & painted with success.

in the meantime, let me share the october flowers-

good old reliable black eyed susans-
autumn joy sedum-
anemone- love the green fuzzy left when the petals drop. bonus starburst from the pine tree in the background-
green man with a jaunty sprig of sweet autumn clematis
and more of the same- so fragrant, and beautiful delicate white flowers just cover the vine.
and a favorite- and fragrant- annual, sweet alyssum- these are volunteers in my tomato box. always glad to see them come back...

i haven't spent much time in my garden this year. it's nice to see my old friends flourishing just the same. hope to get some time to clean some things up this weekend before nasty weather sets in again....

and now off to bed, with a book or two, and sweet dreams of endless art possibilities dancing through my head (lutradur should be here soon....)

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