Tuesday, October 28, 2008


tuesday night once again- and a nice relaxing one it was too. of course i hauled everything to the studio, b/c i had no plan....

not much on this- a smidge more paint and a stencil or two...
playing with the prints that don't print so well.... i did the background with alcohol spatters and then painted plexiglass & used a qtip to make the design. laid it over the background, brayered and et voila! i am liking the streaky hit or miss print, especially with the background.
here's a detail..... will do more around the edges but so far so good.
this has been hanging around textured but sort of just waiting. so i added some color washes & some tissue paper & this print on rice paper. now it has possibilities. love the image not sure where it goes from here.
and.... another heart- what a surprise! i should be doing a valentine's show somewhere..... canvas board, painted, tissue (the stripes), collage element (heart) and rice paper over top. i actually like it and it may be done....
better hit the sack- it's almost 11. after working this weekend and starting at 6 am today my boss told me the good news at noon- we have a 2 day extension on our project! oh boy! glad i worked so hard to hit the first one...on the bright side i'm pretty much done, tho.

anyhoo- manana-

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