Friday, October 31, 2008

pa the tique

for someone who looooooooooves halloween i don't do a very good job of decorating.

i do dress up and do candy and love to see opd's (other peep's decs).

way distracted today with dog stuff. and grumpy. not sure if i am properly strategizing or if we can get lots of peeps out for a hearing. even tho there will be plenty of complaining if it doesn't turn out right.

thank g for the buds. i can say i've been b$%*&y and they say yeah you have and i hate it that they agree with me but have to admit they're right. and they still love me.

i have been thinking about art, just not making any.

too much, but it will come out as art

the last few days have been about the art of making it work. i know i can. just need to navigate and stay calm and focused.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

no post

nothing last night b/c i succumbed to the rare opportunity to crash on the couch with a trashy novel....... ahhhhh

and anniversary dinner tonight. (yummy asiago. lots of people out. looks like the places with good food & good service are managing to stay alive. so far. yay.)

work and doggy rabble rousing in between.

but art to come- i have been thinking about it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


tuesday night once again- and a nice relaxing one it was too. of course i hauled everything to the studio, b/c i had no plan....

not much on this- a smidge more paint and a stencil or two...
playing with the prints that don't print so well.... i did the background with alcohol spatters and then painted plexiglass & used a qtip to make the design. laid it over the background, brayered and et voila! i am liking the streaky hit or miss print, especially with the background.
here's a detail..... will do more around the edges but so far so good.
this has been hanging around textured but sort of just waiting. so i added some color washes & some tissue paper & this print on rice paper. now it has possibilities. love the image not sure where it goes from here.
and.... another heart- what a surprise! i should be doing a valentine's show somewhere..... canvas board, painted, tissue (the stripes), collage element (heart) and rice paper over top. i actually like it and it may be done....
better hit the sack- it's almost 11. after working this weekend and starting at 6 am today my boss told me the good news at noon- we have a 2 day extension on our project! oh boy! glad i worked so hard to hit the first one...on the bright side i'm pretty much done, tho.

anyhoo- manana-

Monday, October 27, 2008

veeeery scaaary!

here's a scary shot for halloween- no room to walk in the office/studio..... that lottery ticket would have come in handy! :) oh well...this way it's easy to haul around to the studio on tuesday nights.....
i really wanted to play tonight, but i worked late, and then i worked on volunteer stuff like writing this letter and sending out a call to action..... the advisory committee is supposed to decide on a recommendation on the dogs/trails/leashes issue next week.....
i did get a layer of paint on this:
halle's keeping me company...
hopefully play tomorrow night- but i did get some stuff done that needed to be done, so it's all good. now to toddle off to bed

Sunday, October 26, 2008

photo interlude

i worked some yesterday, but when excel started wigging out it was a clear sign to give up. so we loaded up and went to fairfield to meet steve. planted some trees & shrubs, then went for a hike. tho the trees are a bit past their peak it was still beautiful- and the light was great.

the sunset was beautiful....

and so was the sunrise...

and then i came home, ran errands (home depot, grocery store... a barnes & noble stop in there...) did some work, took a walk, and downloaded photos.
i read on one of the yahoo groups about a great sale at office max with laser printers for $50. that would be way cool, b/c i wouldn't have to make copies for transfers... and who could quibble with a $50 printer? awesome! that was the plan, til i went to b&n and found the new pretenders..... and the new kings of leon..... and a kills cd...... and there went my discretionary income! oh well..... music is always good!
and we didn't win the lottery. i was having fun fantasizing about that on the drive home. finish the fairfield house, remodel this one and put a studio over the garage, start a center for the arts, set up some funds to help people go to college...... but all of that will have to wait and we'll be going to work tomorrow. oh well!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

more hearts....

worked on these while watching boise state pull it off over san jose state last night. after working until 7:30, with more of that in store today. woohoo. repeat after me: i am lucky to have a good job that i like 90% of the time....

think the color scheme here was influenced at all by the game? haha! at least one bronco team manages to win! :)

these little guys are in 5x7 mats. i think i will do more for the december show. i like them- they're cheerful, playful & bright. i can sell them for under $20- we'll see how they go over.
i have some print making paper to try with rather than watercolor paper. also some rice paper from the encuastic workshop.

i like how the acrylic is so spotty in how it prints, giving me the random areas to fill in. i think i'll also try some full sized watercolor sheets & some multimedia artboard. then i could play with color washes & texture from different mediums. whatever doesn't work can go in the "misc scraps for future projects" drawer (and tub).

i found a bunch of the little 2x2 square canvasses too- if i have time to make some magnets maybe i'll try some transfers. thought the magnets i made on them last year haven't sold i still like the idea & will keep trying.

off to the work computer, then to fairfield to plant trees. hope for art time tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

why hearts?

i've been wondering where the hearts are coming from. i'm not much of a sentimental hearts & flowers (some might call it sappy) person so i find it kind of interesting that these are emerging.

i have a hard time taking them seriously because it's not like painting a landscape or an animal or anything that should look like something.

i think it may be about being open. the hearts are open at the top to take things in and they are growing roots at the bottom. some of them are sending things back out into the universe. most are also holding something inside.

the older i get the more i think about community and being connected. being open and giving and not feeling soft or vulnerable for doing so, but understanding it as a strength. trying to react with humor and understanding instead of being militant (except with people who won't pick up after their dogs!!!!)

these are some prints i did this evening. decided i like the not perfect print that i can color in. i wonder if the paint is drying fast b/c i'm not using glass to spread them on. or cuz it's acrylic. doesn't matter much except that i would like to not have half of the sheet too dry to print....
i'm going to make some small pieces to fit 5x7 mats for the december show & see how they do.
i can still use another heart for the wood pieces from the fairfield house...i think they will keep coming for a while....
we had a fabulous bottle of cabernet franc 2004 from cougar crest vineyard in washington with dinner, and i saw gray's anatomy for the first time since the writer's strike. nice relaxing evening.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wed eve

here's a better view of the painted metal. i think it's really fun, and i want to do more. i'm still not sure that even the spendy golden gel topcoat saves the prints on the metal... we'll see-
played with these a bit this evening- started another here....
and i think this may be done, except for however i hang it. i kind of like it now- it's fun. i think 2 more for a heart series....then there are a few more of the wood pieces in the basement for something else....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


not so much fun at the day job this week. but oh well. it pays the bills. and i have things to keep me sane- great co workers who remind me to laugh; husband who lets me vent & indulges fantasies of 40 hr a week jobs actually paying enough to survive on; friends who do both of the above; four leggeds who make sure i get out and get exercise, are always glad to see me and make me laugh; and art to play with. i was glad to have tuesday painting to look forward to....... (and kristy and nancy to laugh with).

here's this after some gesso. more cohesive. needs more layers of paint. like it better now, tho.

this is closer to done too. maybe it needs a wispy cloud in the upper left corner for balance & so it doesn't look like it's sliding off the canvas to the left.....
will try to get a better shot of this tomorrow- finally painted over the print. i like it. like the transparency of the oil paint and, of course, one of my fave images.....i can see this mounted on a piece of wood- bolted on maybe-
and, when i realized i had no clean turpenoid & had to quit painting i started filling in the blanks of the monoprints that didn't work so well the other day.... it's fun now! more to come. nothing like a little doodling with some bright colors....

Monday, October 20, 2008

stinky broncos! good thing there's art....

i got to keep very busy doing......ANYTHING but watch the poor donkies...

whether it's good art, well....

here's the first one- done now, i think. will probably package to sell unframed....
and the detail.....
then i started on these. this is WAY out there for me, and it feels sort of busy by the end. it was really satisfying to use the hammer, though :)

i feel some gesso coming on to unify the left side. it might need some text too..... seems like i might need to haul everything and the kitchen sink to the studio again tomorrow.

here's a base for the second one of these. who knows where it will go from here- but probably another heart- probably 3 hearts in one form or another..

and at the day job, we have a week to redo the plan we had a month to do in july. oh joy! it's all good.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday evening

much of the weekend productively spent out in the beautiful fall weather.... and the black eyed susans & nearly wild roses keep blooming!

6 bags of vegetation- no leaves yet! ripped out LOTS of oregano today- thought it would be a nice ground cover- WRONG! just like mint, it has taken over. so now i can plant something else :)

and bought plants at home depot for fairfield- things i love and don't have room for here like flowering crabapple, red twig dogwood and forsythia. and aspen which will do well up there but don't down here. so next weekend will be planting.

and i worked a little bit on these. had to scan in 2 pieces, so there's a funky break, but they're coming along....
i washed this one off a few times before getting here- it's closer....

and now off to bed-

Saturday, October 18, 2008

home alone

training class with halle this morning- good to get her back in. she & paula had a bit of a conversation about doing a down, but paula won. and we have had a few more practice sessions today.... it's all good! and then she & echo got to play with the other dogs... then home, a nap, a few hours in the yard, read, nap and then art.... pretty nice relaxing day all in all

one benefit of being home alone is that i can take over the table without putting anyone out...... so here we are- to be cleaned up tomorrow, of course....

put a coat of clear gel on this one. i am trying to remember how i made a frame around another piece on the multimedia board months ago with gel medium.. i must have waited for it to set up a bit before drawing designs in it...will tape around the transfer & try that tomorrow.
the transfer i tried on this (alcohol from 3m) didn't work, so i washed that and the print off and am starting again. thought maybe the stencil under the print would add interest- i will do the other half, then knock it back & go from there... maybe do a rose print under the hips, since they have the most transparency.
tried some monoprints. used acrylic b/c i am planning on using with acrylic medium. dries too fast..... maybe i should have dampened the paper, or kept the paint misted... wonder if i use alkyd if it would be OK in a mm piece since it's on paper?

yep, still nothing done.... tho i did get some varnish on the steel pieces. what golden recommends to use isn't cheap, but if it keeps the prints from scratching that's OK. we'll see. at least boise blue is carrying now, which is good.....

off to bed with a book. hike in the morning (too much junk food, not enough running is helping put on the winter lbs....), maybe more in the yard- and more art-


Friday, October 17, 2008

finish something!!!!

here's the shiny steel with an image & the original photo.

if you look at this the right way it looks good, but the flower on the left has lost most of its detail. i like most of it, but in the end think it doesn't work because the mid is lost. scrub away, look for more contrasty images. well, that's what experimenting is all about, right?
speaking of experimenting, progress on this one- printed a rose image and have a transparency to transfer. i like the color and the depth and layers. seeing possibilities. it was hard for me to mess with the very clean (boring) print, but it's progressing.....
halle to school tomorrow, and yard work, and art.... hasta