Thursday, September 18, 2008


woohoo! my first blog award- from diane, who does very cool mixed media work

i am really honored! visit diane's blog to see her work. her pets & garden show up regularly. the other blogs she watches are fun to check out too- i am in very good company.

i guess this means i get to pass it along, so here are the art blogs i read regularly (besides diane's). some day i will learn enough html to make pretty links, but for now, this is what you get:

i'm still growing my list.....

on to art- tonight's art was done in front of the 'puter & at kinko's.

zella brought me some very cool 6x6 metal squares to experiment on today. some colored by heat, some not, one with expanded steel on it. photos to post tomorrow maybe. my mind is running in all sorts of directions. i am so excited about this- and the cool thing is that she's excited too... so we are starting with great energy.

the supply list for the encaustic class is delightfully all encompassing :

Examples include: Japanese rice papers, construction paper, wrapping paper, old letters, embossed papers, tissue, grocery lists, labels, string, hemp, fabric, silk, netting, grass or dried leaves, feathers, oil or silkscreen prints, watercolor scraps, graph paper, candy wrappers, stamps, paper bags - anything that is flat, porous, and not resin-coated (shiny and coated with a plastic layer like a photograph).

NOTE: this list is only a fraction of what you could possibly bring! The only materials required are a hake brush and wood to paint on. I will go over why certain objects and materials work better than others and talk in depth about substrates and surfaces. Everyone will interpret this list differently, and therefore bring something based on your own aesthetic. Expect to go home after the first day, and look through your studio or home for more ideas. If you don’t know what to bring to work on, see if you can find some unprimed/unsealed cigar boxes or interesting found objects like a wooden lid to a box, or a piece of river driftwood.

kristy & i are kinda s.o.l. on the going home and looking for ideas thing- so we're just loading everything we can possibly think of in the car and taking it up with us.

first 2 days encaustic painting, third day is encaustic photography, hence the kinko's trip with silk lazertran & for color copies for transfers. be fun to see what method she uses for transfers.

here's what i have (so far)-

after tomorrow, i have 10 days off in a row! it's been a while- and i get to spend those days doing my favorite things- 3 of them learning a new art technique with a friend and 4 listening to great music with my hub and good friends (with bbq- hopefully some hot links- and tex mex thrown in). and to top it all off, tomorrow is talk like a pirate day!

hasta- i mean ARRRRRRRRRGH MATEY!!!


Laurie said...

Hey Marianne,

Thanks for posting the link to my blog and thank you for all your recent comments on it! Cool that someone besides my art buddies and family is actually reading it. :)

I'd have to rent a U-haul truck if I was going to that class! I recently went to Durango, CO for a mixed media class that my daughter and I were taking together and I filled the whole back end of my little hatchback Focus with stuff to take. I was actually trying to show some restraint. I can't wait to hear about your experience and the transfer techniques that you learn. Love the photos you're taking!

I'll also enjoy seeing your experimentation with the metal -- I like experimenting so much that I sometimes think I'm more of an art scientist than an artist.

Diane said...

Marianne, I love visiting your blog & I'm sure this is just the beginning of your blog awards!
Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Judy Wood said...

I too appreciate your acknowledgment of my blog efforts. It's always a bit of a surprise to me that anybody out there is following along. Sorry it took so long for me to figure out that I could make this comment here!!