Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tuesday evening

no photos- short post- progress on bella, but i need to shoot her outside tomorrow- might be close to done.

kristy & i printed some photos before we painted. i got some different papers from boise blue today too- will have to play around with printing some more this week. getting psyched! want to stop by the library book store in search of an old dictionary and maybe a bird book or something. and then to kinko's for copies for transfers.....the good thing is that no matter how much stuff i get ready i will have it to use some time later.

off to bed. steve can't find some of his files since i updated the computer to vista. i saved everything in my documents & on the desktop- they should be on the back up drive if not on the computer. if he could only tell me what file they were in instead of saying "it's an excel file and now it's nowhere to be found" it would be easier to track down. my fault for assuming that important files would be in the default location of my docs or on the desktop.

oh well- there's always tomorrow. when i'll post updated bella pics.


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