Thursday, September 25, 2008

thursday to austin

here are the pieces from class. husband looked and said "crafty". and they sort of are..... not great art, but they were good practice & the class taught me a bit about what i'm interested in doing. love to know what you think- i do like a few of them.

this one looks like lots of my other work, so it didn't feel very creative, but it did turn out ok-

this didn't photograph very well. people really liked the transfer (which worked quite well) of a phone pole & birds on the wire. but that felt to me like i was just leaving it at a photo, so i added the birds- a transfer in the left and some collage. then i scratched in the bird tracks & around the birds and rubbed in gold oilbar. this is the first one i managed to get a smooth base on.

played with embedding objects on this one, and used some stencils. i think that this & the next earned the "crafty" comment.

this started with gluing the sheet music down. then a few coats of medium, embedded the watercolor paper, transferred the flower in the lower corner, a few more coats, added the heart & border, then scraped down to the bird and scratched in the hearts & notes and rubbed in prussian blue oilbar.

this is the first landscape i've done in a while- started with some of the bleach photos lazertranned on the surface. the bottom is cooler wax put on for texture & scraped a bit, the top layers of hot wax and smooth. another prussian oilbar rub on the bottom for interest.
these were gessoed, then the image was glued down, a few layers of medium, then a transfer of the same image.

and now we're in texas! with fay & rob! for 3 days of music and bbq and texmex...

i'll try to keep up, but could skip a day....


dewatobay said...

I'm so jealous. What is the name of the Austin Festival?

Marilyn said...

Musthave been a really great class. These look really interesting. I have not worked with encaustics, but I like beeswax.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

mk said...

thanks both of you. the festival is austin city limits- outdoors for 3 days in september. i guess they show some of the outdoor shows on the pbs program along with the more traditional indoor austin city limits.