Saturday, September 20, 2008


poop scoop rained out..... so i got the bonus keith richards (lotsa caffiene, chocolate- woo hoo) with margie & tracy at java..... what a luxury! and gail & tom offering to handle the ps reschedule next week while i'm in nice to have help!

then to an open house with an elvis impersonator....some dandy apps & uncle jack...

and boise state pulling it off against the ducks was great!

then steve headed out to a snowmo movie & i reset his ipod and put together some more stuff for class.....

these are pieces of watercolor paper that i left on my work table and forgot about. i did acrylic painting over them and this is the result. they will be fun to use next week & for collage projects- need to drop a few more pieces on the table.

next, other pics for class....... first was printed on rice paper, second (birds!) on watercolor.....

tomorrow i'll walk dogs, meet caralea at the dogpark to meet her new dog, head to craft warehouse for a few more things and pack for class!


1 comment:

Diane said...

I absolutely love the birds!!!
Fabulous work.