Sunday, September 21, 2008


started the day with a dog walk, then some time at the dog park. then a trip to craft warehouse, target, and watching the broncos (denver) win (barely).

and refreshing the ipod selection. which included realizing that i have 22 tom petty cds in one variation (solo, with the heartbreakers, with mudcrutch) or another. ever since i first heard breakdown on the fm movie soundtrack & made my poor neighbor play it for me every evening while we played bongammon in college i have loved tp. saw him every year through college and many times after that.

what i find really fun about tp is that i talk to as many 20 year olds who like his music as people my age. and when i read conversations with tom petty by paul zollo and realized how much he loves what he does and what an artist he truly is it only increased my respect. here is an artist who continues to create new work, who collaborates with others and who loves what he does.

but i digress....

here's the pile for tomorrow's class (not included- the laptop back pack, the bag with the notebook, brushes & lunch, the back pack with the books in it, the bag with the wood substrate, clothes...). OK- this is most of the art stuff i'm hauling up.

it seems quite bizarre to be heading to an art workshop without paint.

i was so glad to see construction paper on the list of possible things to bring. i have no idea when, or why, i bought this- but i am glad it will be useful!

here's the box of fun stuff- shells, feathers, beads, chewed in half ipod charger- who knows what might come in handy?

and tools for making marks in wax...... found plastic clay tools cheap that could come in handy.

when i came across the color shapers- i forgot i had the big ones- it made me want to play with oilbar again....opened the box, loved the smell. looking forward to mixed media with oil....

and i had an idea for these- i'm excited. from yesterday's photos- one eagle, the raven, the cranes- with stencil names, copies of bird book info, etc under lazertran pics of the birds. unless something else occurs in class over the next few days.

more tomorrow after class- can't wait!

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Diane said...

I really love the crayon picture. Looks very cool!