Sunday, September 7, 2008


lazy day today.... much of it on the couch... kind of nice not to HAVE to be doing something.....

read the somerset studio pub i picked up at the co-op, the art of paper and mixed media. some of it is too sweet & sappy for me, but some good ideas in there too...

then i thought about putting together photos to take to hailey for the class in a few weeks, surfed for encuastic art for ideas. i am really excited at what i found.

for one. eve-marie bergren's (who is teaching the class) site wasn't responding- will try again later.

organic images seem to be the way to go. the seed scans have big possibilities. so here's what i have so far- probably need to narrow down now, and decide which to print on what- what goes on rice paper, what i need to go have copies made of so i can do laser transfers, etc.

i did these images from copier transfers with caulk. painted over with acrylic & covered with acrylic matte medium. have been asked several times if they are encaustic. love the idea of being able to get this sort of effect using oil paint (can't put acrylic medium over oil, oil over acrylic ok, but not the reverse, but wax works.)

i am looking forward to having dog duties done so i can focus on art and spend more time with steve. it's been pretty crazy- house project, mailbox project, dog activities.... we are both really looking forward to austin.

oh, and we're gearing up for the we art women benefit again, first meeting this week.... woo hoo! better get to bed-

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Marilyn said...

Very nice. Love the hazy look like encaustic!