Wednesday, September 24, 2008

photo/encaustic class

these are what i ended the day with yesterday, pretty successfully. transfer on top of a collage. i managed to get the wax smooth, the transfers down without melting or ripping- all good.

we drove to ketchum in time to get through a few galleries- saw some very cool work. encaustic in one- very nice. (good to see air bubbles in hers too!) i really liked the mixed media on metal in the same gallery. awesome large pieces. the artist takes his inspiration from train cars & other used, worn metal items, so the pieces have a really nice worn patina, some barely visible letters, geometric marks, etc. and in the same gallery some casein paintings that i just didn't get at all....

here's peewee in the sculpture garden:

then back to hailey for yummy thai food- including really tasty deep fried appetizers (is deep fried tofu any healthier than anything else saturated in oil?) and great red curry & sizzling beef...

then we went back to the room for a cocktail & to do our homework (soon to be esplained).

kristy starting another nice piece. yes, i called her names often.

this is the homework & result- a very cool process we will use for mixed media down the road. cyantypes- photo paper that exposes in the sun & doesn't need chemicals for processing- just water. so cool.

we drew on transperancies (above) and had to keep asking each other- so the black will be white, right? the end result is below. can also be done from regular photo negatives, and the color changed by dipping in a tea bath.

i will take photos of what i did tomorrow- no good time/ place to do so today. good class, good learning. one fun thing about workshops is seeing what everyone else comes up with. there was some great work going on. i don't feel like any of it was mine. seriously, i did a few pieces i like ok, but nothing great. it's a difficult medium. i had to keep reminding myself it was learning and practice- not turn stuff out for a show.....

i hope that we can find studio space with an encaustic set up to rent by the hour to keep playing. not ready to make the investment yet otherwise.

i did get a better understanding of what i like and where i want to go- i like layering, the idea of looking deeper into a piece to see what will be revealed. i am interested in working with acrylic medium to see how i can build and layer. it won't be as beautiful and luminous as encaustic, but i can make depth and texture and move light through layers. also be interesting to see what the mixed media possibilities are with oil.

great class- great fun- so glad kristy went with me. we're figuring out what the next art adventure will be-

and tomorrow, off to austin- woo hoo!

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