Friday, September 26, 2008

oh my my oh hell yes

day one austin city limits. sun fun wander around and listen to music.....

jackalopes in texas too- here i thought thet were a rarity known only in wyoming

asleep at the wheel....

one of the many flags people bring so they can find each other... we just poach by setting up near one so we can find our way back to the chairs.

jakob dylan & his new band-they were good- will have to buy the cd. played a few wallflowers tunes too- good guitar, as usual.

this gal has a great job- she was signing to the tunes. we were trying to figure out how that works. can feel the music going through us, wonder how the experience is if you can't hear the nuances, but feel the beat & see the words signed..... maybe there are more nuances to the beat than i can tell...

and we heard bobby bare jr (fun) and a few other bands while we were walking around. then we had big fat piggy (and beef & chicken) bbq for dinner..... yum yum yum.

tomorrow is a big music day- drive by truckers, shooter jennings,old 97s, black keys, beck........ so, off to bed-

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