Friday, September 5, 2008

music again

brmc didn't disappoint- they rocked. big noise for a 3 piece band, and the energy was great. too bad the "crowd" were a bunch of stiffs!

most people didn't know who they were, were there to see stone temple pilots- stp (sierra trading post?). so as brmc was rocking out people were just standing there watching.

i don't know how anyone could stand still! the guitarists would go out to the edge of the stage and play to the audience, most of whom just stood there. amazing. the last song, no applause, no encore- they just walked off the stage. lots of the audience didn't even show up until after their set.

steve kept saying he would like to see brmc in austin... it would be great to see them in a crowd that knew who they are and was there for them specifically. they worked hard to put on a good show- and they did.

and then we waited over an hour for stp to come out, and left at 9:20 when they still hadn't bothered to appear. the noise ordinance says they have to stop playing at 10:30. glad i was there for brmc, not stp and i wasn't disappointed! in case you want to check them out.....
and what this has to do with art, for me, is about putting your heart and soul into what you do, for yourself and those who appreciate your work. it could have been discouraging, and tempting to mail it in, but they didn't. it was a professional show. compared to the headliners, who may have been good (if they ever came out), but had no business making people wait over an hour for them. that's not building anticipation, it's just rude. if what an artist does is pure, and from the heart, it shows.
bedtime- busy day tomorrow, woo hoo..... see spot splash should be fun!

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