Wednesday, September 10, 2008

it's wednesday

i was thinking it was thursday all day....... wrong! it's fall, though- and i love it! nice and cool at night & in the morning, beautiful afternoon & early evenings. and still flowers- wow!

after painting last night i got motivated to play tonight. these are from the fairfield project ( ) i think they keep the floor solid or something..... but when i saw the cut off ends in the trash pile i immediately knew they wanted to be art.

i'm not sure what, exactly, but i love the way they stand up- they're already framed! who knows..... we'll see, but they are gessoed and ready to be thought on. i have an idea about the crane shots from a few weeks ago, or maybe something like an icon.... the texture is also fun- i think that the paint will go into the nooks & crannies interestingly.

and then i mercilessly destroyed these photos that weren't so great anyway by dipping in and spraying on bleach. love the molten lava look in the top right corner.

i think this one is cool too- will be fun to scan them & play once they're dry.

i also read on the transfer group that caulk works with inkjet prints, just like with photocopies, which got me all excited. so i tried that too- we'll see in the am when it's dry.

whew- i did a lot!

off to bed-

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Kathy said...

Found you through the inkjet transfer yahoo group - love your work with photos! I'm envious of the workshops you've done and the creative group you get together with. I saw a demo on transferring images from toner photocopies and plan to try that. I once took a Polaroid transfer and emulsion lift workshop and really liked it, but never did anything with it - partially discouraged by the discontinuing of certain films - but I hear Fuji makes a good substitute.
I hope I don't lose your blog in my enormous quantity of bookmarks!