Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i love tuesday nights!

first the mailboxes- there are so many very cool and fun ones! i love the way different minds come up with different things. even the same mind can come up with really different things! too much fun!

and then, to paint. wasn't sure i'd remember how. it's been a while since i've had the alkyds out. but they're not dried up, and i managed to remember how they work.... and in the process got a decent start on bella. thank goodness!

and some paint on halle..... who will probably be running through a field of flowers- i need to find the photo.

i think this one might be finished- it didn't need much, but it did need to be done in oil and not acrylic. can do oil over acrylic, not visa versa. this started as one of the lazertran experiments. i like it, and am ready to try more (after i finish bella!)

fun to paint again. i'm sure it will be off in another direction after the class in a few weeks. nancy was saying it would be interesting to see how my painting has changed after doing all of this mixed media- that it's probably looser. i am curious too, and may dig out a landscape or two that i've done to try again. in, oh october or november! (or next time i'm at a loss for something to do!)

goodnight, sleep tight- you know the rest :)

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