Friday, September 12, 2008

happy granola hippie fest

tie dye time- hyde park street fair returns. in the midst of the reddest state in the country (well, us or wyoming, take your pick) we have this nice little hippie fest in my neighborhood with lots of dogs & tie dye & incense & music & beer & fun...... it put me in mind of the harvest festival in arvada when i was growing up- because i walk around & see friends and neighbors. it is a celebration of community and, for me, the changing seasons.

we've been out of town the past few years, so i was pleasantly surprised to see more local art booths. i will have to go back for tie dye & jewelry. my nephew in south carolina definitely needs tie dye. (so do i).

it makes me happy to walk by the animal communicators and democratic party booth and people who read your toes for clues to your life. i like the tie dye and peace signs and men with pony tails.

my mom was once afraid i would be a hippie (now i think she's sometimes scared i've gone to the dark side, but she's the one that taught me to think for myself and that's how that sometimes goes). my friend asked me if i was a hippie the other night. i am not, but boy i love the idea sometimes. there's just that responsibility thing too (like paying your own way and then some and not being a burden on society).

anyway- really exciting thing happened tonight. my friend zella, who is an amazing metal artist, asked me to collaborate on some pieces with her. she does wonderful metal quilts, and she wants me to do transfers on metal to incorporate. which is funny, because i thought about asking her to frame this for me with expanded metal or something to finish it.

i have been taken by bird shapes lately..... like my trees against the skyline affinity..... i am excited by the possibilities- and really honored that she thought of me.

bedtime. dogs and i can go for a REAL hike in the am as it won't be f'in hot. and we can't drive to fairfield to map out electrical until 11:30.

hasta. good thoughts for terry- hoping her house survives ike.

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