Thursday, September 11, 2008

fun stuff!

how fun are these? these are unrelated photos (some may have been on the same roll, i guess) that i bleached last night. love the way they fit together into the fantasy landscapes.... originals are 4x6, i scanned in at 600 dpi so i should be able to make them big. i have a bunch of 6x6 in canvasses that might also be good- maybe do transfers & paint..... might also get some digital art from these.

here's last night's transfer experiment. what i love about the caulk method is that i get such clean transfers. this worked well, i will just make sure that the image is very dark/saturated/whatever next time... elmer's clear caulk, inkjet print on regular paper (transfer or photo paper may work better too) on canvas panel. and in case you're wondering- the second before i took the photo, there were birds all along the half circle wire at the top of the phone pole. what the heck- i can always put them back in :)

prep for encaustic class continues...... got rice paper, golden digital ground (bummed to find out it's white, missed that somehow- would rather have clear to show the surface being printed on, but will see if i like this before ordering more. wanted clear matte, which doesn't seem to be a golden option- at least not at blick,) hake brushes in the mail today.

kristy and i are starting boxes of stuff to take, b/c the supply list is vague & it sounds like endless possibilities- which is fun...... anyway- this is the baltic birch plywood for our surface. my wonderful hubby will cut it down for us.

i am so looking forward to taking this workshop. the yahoo groups i've joined, the books i've been reading & making art with kristy & nancy on tuesdays have been great and have opened up all kinds of possibilities, but encuastic is something i wouldn't probably try by myself. it will be really nice that kristy & i can come back & play with it together.

yay! tomorrow is friday! just a quick trip to fairfield saturday, dog stuff sunday........ incredible falcon dinner monday....and 5 days after that, 10 days in a row off!!!!!!


Diane said...

Fun stuff, I guess! It's always fun when it comes out looking as beautiful as yours. They're gorgeous & the colors just reach out & grab you, Very, very nice!

mk said...

thanks diane! reminds me to post some of the less successful experiments, jic anyone thinks thay always work out this well! :)