Monday, September 29, 2008

day 3 acl

day 3- another warm one...steve opted out, luckily fay was happy to go back... we got smart & camped the chairs where we would want to see the foo fighters than wandered...more of a sampler day...

i liked the kills, fay not so much, so we left after a few songs. then there was flyleaf, who were good until we started getting sermons, so we exercised our right to change the channel & went looking for something else- which worked out ok b/c we caught alison krauss singing with gillian welch, which was great. this is gillian alone.

checked out & enjoyed heartless bastards & shooter jennings, got some food, then the silverspun pickups, after that the raconteurs. who were really good. jack white is another one of those artists who is just really interesting & amazing.

last up - the foo fighters. dave grohl another talent- from drummer for nirvana to guitar & front man. great charisma, good showman, hell of a guitarist.

i am in awe of the diverse talent we saw this weekend, inspired by the many different ways the musicians communicate & the passion so evident in so many of the shows. all ages represented and enjoying the music. the power of art to bring people together.

speaking of art, this artist ( )had large giclees for sale at acl. he does large paintings of musicians (living and dead) called "the sacred heart of jim morrison", (or jerry garcia or dave matthews). i thought they were sort of ooky, and about how i would be offended if i was one of the musicians to think that someone would presume to know my heart.

now that i have read his site & understand a bit more of what he's doing, i am not quite so turned off. i try to figure out how to paint what music means to me all of the time, it seems this is mr. stidham's way of doing that. curious to know what you think-

anyway, we're home, i'm looking forward to some couch time before going back to the salt mines tomorrow. will be getting back on track & back to art tho-

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