Tuesday, September 23, 2008

day 2 encaustic class

photos- here's the art part of the loaded car- lots of goodies, which will prove to come in handy...

and here is beautiful downtown hailey. it is a pretty place, and the weather is great, which makes it nice for walking around at lunch.

this is a tool intensive art form. here's the palette, heat gun, brushes, thermometer & cups.
next is a transfer i did. easier on wax- photocopy on warm wax, burnish, rub off paper with water. the trick is when adding layers over not to heat too much, or it breaks up or moves around or melts.

here's kristy working on one of her cool pieces yesterday. and then something i was working on that looked sort of icky by the time i left today, but hopefully better tomorrow.

then there's peewee who enjoys traveling with kristy. hanging out on the bar, in the sculpture garden & at thai restaurants (photos to be downloaded later).

here's the finished tree started above.

this is a hard medium to learn- so many variables, and you need to have the right touch with the heat & the right temp on the surface to get the wanted effect. even collage isn't as easy as it would seem- getting paper to lie flat can be a challenge, and since the wax is cloudy for a while it can be sort of hard to tell what the piece looks like. be curious to see what i think of my problem kids tomorrow.

what i like about it is what attracted me initially- it's organic, it has depth and texture. like other collage/mixed media, i like the ability to layer & create something with depth and interest all the way through.

okey dokey- best get ready for the photo portion of the class tomorrow- drawing on transperancies to make cyanotypes (or something like that).

oh, saw some galleries in ketchum- including one with an encaustic show- and had yummy thai food for dinner.

mas manana-

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On a Whimsey said...

I so enjoyed sharing your experiences with encaustic art. I only recently discovered this wonderful medium which fascinates me so much!