Sunday, September 28, 2008

day 2 acl more music as art

de'arte! another reason to see live shows....we saw some great music yesterday, and great live shows.

first up, old 97s. not sure how i missed these guys, but they were really good. on ken & kristy's recommendation-

next, drive by truckers. we have the last cd, which is fairly mellow. will now go back in the catalog.... they were great- neil young with southern rock thrown in.

nothing like seeing a show with thousands of your closest friends.....

the festival does a good job of making sure there is free water, and mister fans to keep folks cool. vendors were giving away bandanas soaked in ice water. they have the art of putting on a big festival down pretty well....

the other art that's fun to see is what people come up with for banners so their tribe can find them. pirate flags are big, as they were last year. more peace signs this year it seems- and always flags- texas, u.s., assorted countries.......

robert earl keen doing the road goes on forever. i liked him too- and the crowd was very into the texas singer/songwriter. once again, lotsa guitar......

john fogerty was great. he was having so much fun playing the ccr somgs he hasn't been able to do for so long. his band was tight- the only bad thing was the stream of people walking in front of us to leave (after forcing their way to the front). we finally circled the wagons, but it was unpleasant. one thing acl could do better is try to keep lanes open. i should have practiced the art of zen a bit better, though- i let myself get worked up & lost part of the show because of it. his new work sounds good, will have to check out.

last was beck. never have listened to him much, but have read enough to want to check him out. same time as robert plant & allison kraus, but we were all in agreement on beck.

no disappointment. truly a gifted musician, and an artist who isn't afraid to do different things. everthing from rock to rap with a stop at folk & a few others on the way. made me think of my friend jany who can pick up any medium and create beautiful work.

then to the bus and home. looked like it would be a line & like the easy exit from dylan last year was a fluke, so i went to the can only to come out and find steve & fay long gone. fortunately i managed to catch them and we all got on the same bus.

i may not post again until monday- we'll see how it goes. looking forward to more fun music today- the kills, the raconteurs, heartless bastards, silverspun pickups & foo fighters. haven't heard many of these bands, but that's part of what's great about this, is the chance to be exposed to new music.

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