Monday, September 22, 2008

class day one

what a bonehead! i faithfully took photos (including kristy's pee wee doll on the bar) and forgot to bring a card reader or usb cable-

so, will post lots of photos tomorrow.

we have been having a great time- nice drive up. kristy put the ipod on shuffle, so i'm hearing stuff i didn't even know i had on here....and lots of it isn't tom petty :)

we're in class with 9 other women, most of whom live in a nearby resort town. several took the class a few years ago & are back for a refresher. most appear to be retired. we're like the poor city cousins. really glad we're taking the class together! kristy of course immediately started turning out great artwork. i was a bit slower starter. had to keep reminding myself i'm learning, and these are practice- hello!! i did finally get a nice smooth wax layer laid down at the end of the day.

we quickly veered from the agenda, and got to spend much of the day working, which was really cool- i think b/c we got it pretty quickly. played with transfers this afternoon. copies or silk lazertran. i still have a problem seeing mixed media- wise. i transfer a photo i like and don't see where to go from there. i wish i could download to show what i mean....well, maybe tomorrow we can do before after.

anyway- going to doodle some, to photocopy tomorrow to play with. encaustic is really beautiful- the light is cool, the ability to layer and embed things gives endless possibilities.

we had a great sushi dinner, and having a cocktail in the room- mas manana-

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