Thursday, September 4, 2008

artist's generosity

mailbox silent auction opened tonight. what great artwork! good turn out, getting some decent bids..... and a whole month to go. miriam, who runs the charity, was bowled over by the generosity of the artists- many of whom she had never met. which in turn leaves me appreciating the artists who answered the call to artists and came up with these amazing creations!

and for my friends who came out to bid on mailboxes...

the variety of ideas is incredible, the execution really good on all of them. something for everyone!

and as an added bonus, got to see lots of folks i haven't seen for a while- kelly and julie among them. lots of hugs- love those hugs!

zella and i divvied up jobs for the wca event this year, since she talked me into being is so nice to be able to raise money so easily for good causes.

now i'm going to start sifting thru the photo files for things to take to my class in 2 weeks- i am so looking forward to the workshop and all of the ideas that will surely erupt!

brmc tomorrow night.... maybe art time sunday...

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Laurie said...

I saw these on your blog the other day as I briefly stopped by. I should've taken the time to comment right then. What a fabulous idea! I would have loved to been able to see all those wonderful mailboxes up close. How fun!

(p.s. Love you pups and doodles too!)