Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the art of taking the night off.....

we went to alive after five for the first time in- probably 2 years. we didn't like the music so much, but it was nice to be out- the weather was beautiful, it wasn't too crowded- pretty enjoyable all in all. and a nice app/adult bev/dessert after at bardenay.

so i got home with no art (b/c i forgot my camera! or it would have been the art of people watching.)

instead, you get to see the messy studio.

first, swisster, who, tho a very sweet and funny girl can provide the most reproachful looks:

then there's the art table that is so crowded i need to shuffle things to work on it:

and the box i shuffle to and fro on tuesdays- but i use some of the stuff in between, so i can't leave it at the studio.....

then there's the cool metal tape. this seemed so much easier when i just did alkyds, but in reality i still hauled lots of stuff to kathy's and home again. it's just that starting the mixed media thing has expanded the possibilities of things to use to make art- like bubble wrap, tissue paper, found stuff, all of the different mediums- fiber, glass, etc., etc. that i need more room to store stuff- b/c who knows when i will use it? (on the plus side, i have to admit that i have had stuff squirrelled away for years that actually HAS been used lately)

then there's the old back to basics thing- photos. my first art exploration. the comfort zone.

it has been a fabulous thing to see how i can combine photos with paint and other stuff to create something completely new. which makes it more about interpretation and emotion for me than about recording something. for me. i know lots of photographers who interpret rather than record- i'm not sure i'm talented enough to do that with only a camera. i can take a nice photo, i don't know if i commit art with the camera.

i'm not sure i commit art beyond the camera, but i do like taking photos like the one on the bottom and playing with them. the 2 small feathers by the side of the trail- looking like wings-

bedtime now, enough boring musing-

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