Sunday, September 14, 2008

art of having boundries

spent the day at a trail event promoting responsible dog (owner) behavior in order to preserve off leash trail access. the effort is something i am committed to- some friends & i started an advocacy group- and it has been taking up time this month.

it's interesting to try to find time for the things that i feel are important. this has been fun, similar to gypsy gallery, because there is energy behind the effort and people have been good at stepping up and keeping things going.

even with the volunteers, it still takes time to coordinate and organize and communicate....... so when i was asked to participate in the development of a dog park i actually said "i'm sorry, i can find someone to do this, but i can't, except in a limited advisory capacity". hard, b/c i believe in the end result, i want to see it happen- but i also know that someone else can do this job better than i can.

we still have the trails to keep open, i have the we art women benefit to co-chair, i have the day job, the fairfield house, etc.

i am proud that i could recognize that- better for all of us!


dewatobay said...

Well done and said.

mk said...

thanks! it only took me 50 years to get to this point :)