Monday, September 15, 2008

art of dinner at the falcon

another falcon supper club- oh my my..... here's the menu:

here's the wine:

no photos of the company, tho that was fabulous as well..... the roses from fred's garden will have to do.

i was so hungry (and happily swilling wine) that i forgot to photograph a few courses, but the spring rolls were yummy, and the gazpacho was killer (tracy made some noise about wanting to swim in it, but i'm thinkin that's a waste- i just want to eat more....)

and we LOVED this:

and this:

and then there was this: (yeah, not much left- the art shot was the best option at this point!)

what a fab fab evening!

i will do some art work tomorrow.... kristy is coming over to print some stuff for our class next week, then off to the studio to work on bella to trade for the wonnerful dinner you have just (sort of) experienced (not as well as we did, tho!)

is it really only monday? ouch! vacay soon....

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