Wednesday, April 30, 2008

more desert dreams

home! yay! i have these desert things that i've been working on- and being in phoenix is helping me see how to work on them. i'm wondering about using some of yesterday's pics (like the flower, maybe) on the sides of the first one. we'll have to check it out.

the second one will be easier, but the lazertran is curling- will have to try some more turp to see if it helps.

and below is the earth, which i'm not sure what to do with from here. i will have to meditate on this one too.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 degrees

welcome to scottsdale. being here makes me think of lots of people i really like. steve and i came to phoenix once long ago & drove up to sedona. we didn't like downtown much, but we had fun together. we saw chris ledoux do a great show at a street dance- he was quite the entertainer.

maureen showed me ra! and melee on main & where the kinko's was to make copies at 3 in the morning. and fay & maureen & i had a fun horseback riding/wine drinking adventure at a meeting here.

christi showed me a local's view, including where the rack is, and nordie's and glendale arena for tom petty.

it's nice to sit down and think about all of that. hope the photos convey some of the beauty. lots blooming now, and the light is nice. 103 this afternoon- a bit warm for april! but a glass of sauv blanc & some sushi on the patio and a swim make it tolerable.

did you spot the self portrait?

Monday, April 28, 2008

nothing to post

no art on my side- but we enjoyed a very artful dinner & wine pairing at the falcon. special party, wines selected for the meal- which was KILLER! i would try to share the menu, but wouldn't do it justice- all i can say is- 5 courses paired with perfect wines- the chefs and the wine steward are artists of the first degree. a reminder that art comes in many forms.

i will now practice the art of tying up loose ends & getting ready to fly out at 7 a.m.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunny day!

these two are done! better photos than last night. i think they turned out well. nice to have something finished.

here is a start of another desert lazertran. should be a good companion piece to the one above. will see how the lazertran melts into the canvas- i saw a little curl on the edge a minute ago, but since turpentine is used to adhere the transfer, i think it will stay curled rather than break open the turp in the house. we'll see how it works.

it was a beautiful day. we had a nice hike/run (boy, am i out of shape, huff and puff!) in the foothills this morning. the grape hyacinths are now blooming in the yard. got the back yard cleaned up this afternoon, so just a bit more to go. i need to move some things around in the back- see if i can find something to survive the halle leaping spot over the fence. a trip to edwards might be in order :)

here's the swiss enjoying a refreshing dip after our hike-

tomorrow will probably be really busy, then off to phoenix again tuesday & home wednesday, catch up thursday, big meeting friday. maybe not much art time- i'll try.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

mostly desert

at last- when sonny is dry, i think he is done! yay! hard to tell with the shiny- he's still a bit wet, but i am calling uncle. i also think he looks pretty good. will have to get a shot of him tomorrow so i can enter in art source show, along with daisy & tinkerbell. deadline wednesday- just made it!

also worked on the deserts. turquoise perfect frame for dale's desert. i think i am going to do geometric patterns in hot pink, yellow & red and figure out how to put the horses in. because what is a cowgirl's dream without horses?
i like the way the other one is coming along too. the glass bead medium is cool with the desert scene b/c glass is made from sand. (saw it on the discovery channel the other night). i like the oil glazes and the colors- this one is probably close

hal had day 2 of agility. she is a smart girl. she seems to like it. we did the a frame, tunnel & some jumps. oh- and the dog walk. scaring paula as she barrelled over the a frame...... the thundering herd!

we'll get out in the hills tomorrow. i need to see what's posted & what's up anyway. there's lots of excitement about the proposal. i got the info blog up, map posted, etc. people are pretty emotional. i just hope that we can come up with a plan that avoids this happening every few years. i think that some people will be quite upset if they even start enforcing the current rules, but imho that's what really needs to happen. maybe even make a few more leash only paths- and maybe a dog only path or two.

lastly, i would like to share one of my favorite bouvier traits- the rug imitation. this starts with all of the bones dissolving in the dog's body, so that there is a nice, satisfying, house shaking thunk as they hit the floor. the bouve rug is generally in a very convenient place- because what good is a rug this attractive if it's not in the middle of things? this is how echo spends 90% of his time. well, here or on the couch or curled up in the chair. the first time i heard the thunk after we brought him home i realized how good it was to have a bouve rug around again.

Friday, April 25, 2008


i have been more occupied with off leash dog trails and work than art. bad mk. the one art related thing i did today was get info abt how to use my d300. and find a photoshop class. oh wait- that's 2 art things.....

play sometime this weekend, really.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

near the end of the week

today was sort of a discombobulated day.

started with a bizarre encounter while running echo in the foothills- i need to know when to shut up & give up....... some people just really don't care about how their actions impact anyone else. breathe, give up. but it lingers.

photo of the harrison blvd trees- i need to get out with the big camera & shoot another street light photo with more pixels. but i better do it soon, or another year down. the trees are so pretty, i love it when they bloom, and in the fall when they turn. it's a beautiful street.

the foothills were beautiful this afternoon. arrowleaf balsamroot is blooming, as is the phlox. this afternoon's walk with halle was much more pleasant than this morning's. well- echo & i had a nice run/walk after the strange encounter.

the trick is to learn from the dogs and just enjoy being in the moment.

got some art worked on- found running horses, did some sketches for ideas, put a coat of paint on a few things, and gave some thought to how to proceed on some projects.

looking forwad to boise blue painting saturday- and finishing sonny- no really, for good this time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more music

this is the story of today- a bit late last night- and quite the chat with uncle, slow art day. brought good music home, tho. check out opening act shurman and roger clyne & the peacemakers
rcpm making me very ready to take a trip to mexico! it's been too long

leaf was right, alison krauss and robert plant is a very very mellow slow cd. curious to see what they do at acl- i would be sleeping thru the show even tho her voice is beautiful & they sound good together.

i was hoping to have a great story about results from transferring after coating the transperancy with spray var- but no such luck! it didn't work AT ALL, so back to the drawing board (and the yahoo group for more detailed directions- like what spray var to use). regroup tomorrow- look for pony pics to draw for the edges of dale's desert dream finish sonny (really!) and get entered in the art source & artist's magazine shows.
now- to bed!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


i was so never going to rant- b/c people don't do blogs b/c of the rants. but i have some things to rant about today, so the 2 people who read my blog (thanks trace & mystery reader) just have to deal.

first rant is: re folks who ruin good things for the rest of us by not being responsible; may mean well, may very well not even know how clueless they are being, but nonetheless it is not good. this particular rant has to do with the potential loss of off leash dog trails in the immediate area. i am sick and tired of people who do not want to put in time and energy to do things right and as a result are jeopardizing access for the rest of us.
i have invested time and money in training the dogs i live with now so that we can enjoy the foothills. it is important to me to be able to recreate with my dogs in the areas available to me from my house and i will be damned if thoughtless "i won't pick up poop- my dog is not aggressive- my dog is under control (even tho i am calling calling calling and getting NO response really he/she is under control)" dog owners will lock us out. not without a fight, anyway. parks and rec is discussing doing just that- no off leash areas. very cool- don't even try to enforce current rules or educate, just get more restrictive. good plan.
second rant is: go support live music!!! we just heard roger clyne & he is so very much fun and a talented musician. i cannot imagine making art for a living (well. i would have tried at 18. for 8 or 10 years. if i could have gotten away with it for that long). point being- it is not an easy life and if you like music (or visual art or performing arts- whatever)- support the artists. buy cds, don't burn them.

Monday, April 21, 2008


found buttermilk! thanks to wikipedia. evidently buttermilk was faster out of the box than trigger, so dale had to hold him back so as not to be ahead of roy.... fun facts! so now that i have it confirmed he was a quarter horse, i can work on images. love the snazzy red saddle & bridle!

so here's the start of dale's dream..... got the transfers on the canvas- it is 24 x 8. these are golden gel medium transfers from apollo transperancies. this one will be fun.... the pendleton ponies from the phoenix airport are calling too... all sorts of possibilities for psychedelic desert dreams lastly- spring in the front yard. first up is our maple tree- which i never thought of as blooming, but the light was catching it this morning and when i looked at the pics they sure as shootin' (in keeping with the western theme) look like flowers. very cool!
these i know are flowers- the tulips have joined the hyacinths in sun worship. the red shoots behind are peonies- always pleased to see those, and they are shooting up all over this year- spreading out.

and yes- the new runners ran (a little bit) this morning. still a bit slow, but the pups got their workout. and now to bed- out tomorrow night to see roger clyne & the peacemakers at the bucket. we have been talking about catching him for a few years, finally decided to bite the bullet & go on a weeknight. may be no blogging, as i will probably try to get some open studio time in also.

more later-

Sunday, April 20, 2008


started off slow- i slept in til after 8- unheard of! it's been too busy and the body called halt! worked some more on sonny- he's just about there. i hope so anyway, i'm getting sick of looking at him.

then off to stp for new running shoes, and hikers, and birks- successful on all but the birks- none my size. you can tell i'm getting prepared to get after it again next week. the feet should be good to go :)

went to the dog park where halle & echo had enough of a romp to snooze them out the rest of the day. cold out, but sunny. halle & i took a nap on the couch until my hip fell asleep from being pinned in position by her 80 lb head! then, let's see- balanced the checkbook, paid bills, shredded all sorts of stuff that's been piling up in the desk. gotta figure out how to use that shredded stuff in some art.

cleaned the office/computer/art room up- can actually walk around! and find stuff! and i found fun stuff too- like a bunch of 4x6 canvas panels that have "postcard" of some sort written all over them- probably photo transfers of boise with some sort of message on the back. should be good for the market.

did some more art. st francis is too shiny to photo right now, but he is finally getting there. i also worked on the transfer on the mulitmediaboard by adding more border to it, too wet to scan.

decided to use these transfers on this long skinny canvas. i also over painted the square with glass beads with oil glaze. i think this series is "dale evan's dream". hmmm. i think i'll go to bed & dream about where to go with this one- horses are coming to mind. i may need to find buttermilk photos (dale's horse)

after re-reading this, my day doesn't sound so restful- but it was. and steve made good pasta dinner, which was very nice. ready to head back into the fray tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

tomorrow we rest...

well, some of us are sacked out right now! agility takes thinking and focus and it appears to be pretty tiring! yay! well- that and play time after class and then a hike with echo & leaf & patchy- a swiss needs her beauty rest after a day like that!

sonny is much improved after 3 more hours on him at boise blue this morning. much happier with the front feet & dimensionality (sure that's a word!). one of the guys this morning said he could almost feel him trembling- now that is high praise! need a bit more work on his back foot and maybe the chest. i may get him done in time to enter the art source show yet!

here's how the lazertran dried. i think it needs a bit more turp- will have to dedicate one of the small spray bottles. also need to track down a small short hair brush (whatever that is) to help with the initial laying down in the future. in the meantime this will continue to evolve- it will be fun to play with. want to figure out how to keep the glass bead effect and still paint over. i'll have to try the glazing medium.

lastly, lest you think the dogs just have fun & games all of the time i thought you should know that echo is a highly trained guard dog. here he is watching over the bota bag. in between checking it for leaks......

Friday, April 18, 2008


it was an afternoon to play hooky. sunny, warm, not a ton of stuff to be done. turning into a cocktail (or two) some 'pagne with a good friend- a lovely way to end the started, of course, with "we'll be naughty and have ONE drink on the patio with lunch" and turned into "hmmm, I can get the critical stuff done by 4- still have champagne club bottles to go through?"

this was an ok patio drinker, but NOT a $35 bottle- when you keep thinking it isn't cold enough you don't want to spend more than- well, name your threshold. but we bravely soldiered on. ( i love that about us)

and on to art- here's phase 2 of the transfer to the aquaboard. gel medium coat first, then gel medium transfer. i am so pissed that i smeared the light b/c otherwise i like it. i am sure i will keep playing with this image and at some point will come up with a keeper.

art at boise blue tomorrow 9-12, then agility 1-2. that will be interesting! and hopefully a nice quiet evening at home with the hub after another full day......

sunday we sleep, right?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

almost friday...

what a week! for everyone..... steve is stressed, i've been jammin, trace is running, must be planetary or something... so the first order of business is to have a nice glass of white wine (preferably my fave ferrari carrano fume blanc), take a deep breath, enjoy the sunshine & warm spring weather. (because tomorrow we're s'posed to go back to cold wet spring weather)

all good now? next is the point to having the wet spring weather- flowers...... more species tulips- love the bright happy yellow faces- and hyacinths- lining the walk to the front door and along the sidewalk. they smell so wonderful that i wish i could put a scent clip in the blog.

now for the art....i attempted the lazertran turpentine with real directions and have determined, once again, that it is a good thing that i like the distressed look because i seem to be incapable of being careful/ precise/ technical/ anal enough to get a clean result. you will also see this when i can scan the transfer i did this evening.

i'm good with that, i just have to laugh- shabby chic is most definately my m.o. on the other hand, i am liking the initial look of this and planning on taking advantage of the funkiness. the one thing i love about not being 20 (or 30........ or even 40) anymore is that i don't beat myself up about this stuff- instead i go with it and have fun.

redid the fountain- not so happy with that- we'll see how it looks by the time i post it again.

other than that- bun & i had a nice foothills jaunt this ayem, he and hal did the schoolyard race, worked, steve bec & i had yummy burgers at the falcon, worked, halle & i walked to the bank- it was a good day! mas manana...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


ack! numbers all day! and unhelpful help people. love it...... think good energy! i missed that boat once or twice this afternoon, but am back on it and playing tonight.

started playing with the border on this one. i wasn't sure how to get there, but i painted on white acrylic & covered with matte medium & took a chopstick to it. headed the right direction. good thing this paper/board/whatever is so sturdy! probably should spray the transfer with matte var before i muck it up.

this is one of the squares i covered with acrylic medium. glass bead medium with a wash of hot pink & some purple paint. think this could be a good background for a lazertran of one of the bleached desert photos. and since i found destructions on the lazertran site (imagine that!) i am ready to give it a go again.

this is a surprise- stucco medium, very textured, 3 lazertran shots from the airplane layered on, gessoed over last night b/c i thought it looked too busy . today it suddenly looked like it needed to be a circle. and now it looks sort of globe like (to me anyway) which is so appropriate since it started as shots from a plane.....

st fran is hiding out under there. we'll see what happens. melted him on with lazertran & turpentine last night, colored the background with markers, shot him with matte var & flooded with matte medium, dropped a feather in. i am probably working waaaaaaaaaay too hard to come up with something here, but on the other hand i am trying so different things, so that's good.

and lastly, i washed off the failed fountain transfer, put paint back in the background, knocked it back by sponging on silver & white and added a layer of gel medium. will try a gel transfer on it now & see how THAT works. aquaboard a lovely, very forgiving surface- probably not so much now that it has a coat of gel medium on it :)

bed before 10 so i can run with bunnyman tomorrow. he missed it today- tho he & hal have a good race around the school yard when carolyn & i take them out together !

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


tried the transfer to the aquaboard. i knocked the color back a bit with some gesso, but not quite enough. alcohol method may not have been the best one to try on this surface.

not sure if i will a) paint in the arch and see what that does to bring out the figure, b) do a gel transfer over this one or c) put the transperancy on the surface with gel medium. or maybe something completely different, but i do like this image on this back ground, so i will probably try to make it work.

this transfer was more successful. onto multimedia artboard- interesting stuff. one smooth side, one textured, holds up well to wet, says it's archival & works with any medium. alcohol transfer from apollo transperancy. this is only part of the image. i am liking the way this is shaping up. ideas for the border are forming.

we also did a little playing with lazertran. did some still wet, some dry. the ones i had that i peeled off a week ago totally disintegrated. st francis appears to have worked- put him on wet, and over gesso. i wasn't too sure, but i plan a heavy coat of acrylic medium anyway, so he'll be OK. nancy had the best luck when she went fairly heavy with the turpentine. clearly more trial needed.

ah, so much fun! i just want to keep doing this- not work, but oh well! better see if anyone won the california lottery saturday night- i was lucky thursday!

oh- and the austin city limits line up came out today, and what a great one it is! i think we want to see way more bands than we can...... good problem to have!