Thursday, February 28, 2008

after the show

the benefit was great! the art was really good and inspiring, the music was great, we sold lots of art straight out & the silent & live auction items did well. all 3 of these pieces sold outright, and my silent auction piece to boot! yay!
i am so inspired. i remember going to hannah's and being impressed with how nice everyone was to me- miss no one. it's sort of funny being on the planning committee now, therefore looked at as someone who has a clue (true or not). there are young women with art that blows me away who have no idea how good they are and who are so happy to have someone say their work is good. it's so easy to be nice to someone and encourage them.
i can't believe that some of these gals don't know how good they are. it also surprises me how much good art doesn't sell in any given show just because it's not the right audience. it takes a lot to put something that is so much yourself out there and have it not sell and keep doing it and stick to your guns with the art and the price.
bedtime- if i can post i will, otherwise be back monday!

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kathydkeith said...

While skipping around the internet, I found the image transfer group. From that, I found your blog. I really appreciated getting to see your work and read your comments about the processes. I want to get going with creating art, but just do a little now and then. So much I want to experiment with. You can see some of what I do at I'd like to know if the color tansfer processes require special inks so the final colors are as stable as professional quality acrylic paints. I may peruse the transfer group files to find an answer.

Ciao for now - Kathy