Wednesday, May 27, 2015

photo practice

we're headed off to yellowstone next week and I have been shooting with the new lens to get myself ready. pretty pleased with the results. the images below were all shot hand held, which is not optimal, but is reality much of the time. not all are as sharp as I would like, but I have ordered a beanbag to steady the lens and am experimenting with shooting at less than full extension and apertures of f8 or higher.
it helps that my nikon d800 is so amazing- 36 megapixels and good performance at high isos. since we can't afford a lens that costs as much as a car this is a wonderful alternative and I can't wait to see what shots I get in the park, where a tripod can be more of an option.

great horned owl


female tree swallow

wilson's snipe

short eared owl

bald eagles
i'm using the sony with a 70-200 lens for landscapes. like the option of not changing lenses all of the time. this camera captures images as well as the d300 did, and is much easier to pack around. 

this time of year is so beautiful, and I can't wait to see what we see in the park this year.
judy- i'd say buy the lens- you won't be sorry-

Thursday, May 21, 2015

the view from up here

since i'm not in the gallery any more and have freed my mind from the "must make new art" track i'm just exploding with ideas.
being in the gallery and making myself produce was good for me. it matters to me to be a working artist- which means making art regularly. that experience was a great practice. i made the decision not to repeat the art that i hung and was able to do that for a long time. i learned a lot about my process and about working as an artist.
i started traveling more for work, feeling less inspired to make what had been selling, having less time to be involved.
traveling lends itself to my first love, photography. i love being able to shoot with my phone. i love the retro camera app. i am an annoying facebooker and instagrammer (handy thing to do when bored in airports).
i also love maps and geography and knowing what i am looking at from an airplane window. i love seeing things i recognize- the grand, the mississippi delta, mt hood, the golden gate bridge- out of an airplane window and getting a new perspective. i was sooooo excited when i pinpointed centennial marsh flying in to boise one day.
and- i take pictures.

i feel a series brewing- this one will be more about photography than painting. i love the scratched plane windows and reflections. i love how amazing it is to be able to fly places, and that i am lucky enough to do that as often as i do.
i hope to share that sense of awe and amazement. i am also very grateful to feel that way about flying (mostly) when so much of it isn't fun any more.
there may be a public art proposal in here.......

Monday, May 18, 2015

into the great wide open

since I am leaving the gallery at the end of may, all pressure to create new art is off. I am free to spend time playing- I helped my step daughter make a book for some of her wedding memories.
I am spending time with my camera again, soaking up inspiration in the beauty of the natural world

with my traffic box money from ketchum, I bought a new lens- a tamron 150-600- and am enjoying the extra reach- can't wait to get to yellowstone to use it!

and there's still journaling and bookmaking going on....
i'm curious to see where this goes. i'd like to continue to make and sell journals. to that end, i'm going back to my website to update & refresh it- stay tuned on that. thinking about trying out etsy, which will mean more blogging and tutorials to generate interest.
I have a few BOSCO shows coming up, so there's till reason for making new 2D art too- oil painting is sounding fun again. stay tuned!

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Directions

I've been lucky enough to sell my art at Art Source Gallery, a local cooperative, for the past few years. I was successful the first few years and made a profit. Last year, though, things changed. I started traveling more for work and had a harder time making new art every month. I became interested in different forms of art- journaling and bookmaking that are a little harder to fit into a traditional gallery.

I also stepped back from being as involved in the work of the gallery- stopped attending meetings, offering suggestions, etc. Looking back on it, I stopped selling when I stepped back. I couldn't muster the energy to become involved again and have made the decision to leave the gallery at the end of May. This has turned out to be a tremendously freeing decision.
As I was working in my studio this weekend on a traffic box for Ketchum, ID
and making more "traveler" journals (which have sold at the gallery)
I felt a sense of possibility. I have so many things to try- a printing press that has been rarely used, bookmaking techniques, jewelry, photography- the list goes on and on. Not having to produce makes it possible to play. I will be looking into other options for selling work, and devote the time I would spend on the gallery to updating my website (which needs it badly), blogging and looking for other opportunities.
Pretty exciting overall! Stay tuned.....


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


it's been nearly a year since I posted. and when I went to my image folder I was overwhelmed by everything that I've been lucky enough to do in that time.

travel- both for fun and for work- how lucky I am to live where I do and to be able to go where I go- from Idaho to Florida, California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, Oregon-


art journaling

public art projects- the earth node at foothills learning center with my friend lynn

my second traffic box-

the joy of bookmaking-

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the job that makes all things possible, the desire to keep new art in the gallery, involvement in the organizations I believe in, family and personal time. I'm also really grateful for my support system. 
I'm glad that art takes so many forms- and at the same time I wish I could be more disciplined in one. I'm looking at this and proud that I keep going, though- and I can't wait to see where it takes me- journey on-

Sunday, April 13, 2014

happy april!

wow- another month gone....
there has been art done in that time- mostly journaling- it seems to be what I want to do these days (and what there is time for)-
this is from the florida trip- an image transfer of a posterized photo on a background that had already been painted (some color added)- pelican might get more color, but the water is good keys color, making me want to go there right now-
this in the journal I made to take with me on work trips. this done sitting on the deck of the hotel room looking at a palm tree- the shape of the underlying ink was perfect for the right side of the palm. I chose to go in close and try to get the interesting part above the trunk & below the fronds- I made things a bit too even, but do like the texture.

relationships can be complicated and art journaling is a great way to sort out my thoughts. i am not by nature introspective. I'm not terribly self aware. i have good intentions and am fortunate to have a tribe who love and accept me and don't find me too annoying (and if they do they will mention it). when i really piss someone off or hurt their feelings it usually takes me by total surprise and i feel awful about it.

one of the things that really impresses me about my friend lisa cheney is how fearless she is about putting her journals out there. she has taught me that there is more power in speech than in silence. conversation is critical. cuz if you don't converse you only have one side of the story. i know that there are always at least 2.

these next 2 pages are me working through my side of a complicated relationship (and aren't most of them?).

took an awesome class from mare blocker this weekend- revisiting embroidery patterns of my childhood and learning new bookbinding stitches. be big fun to figure out how to incorporate this into my art.

lastly- springtime on the marsh-

happy easter- back in a week or so :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


back on the road for work. the dawes song "from a window seat" really resonates with me-

great lyrics (other than the male orientation)-

I buckle in my seat belt, plug my headset in a chair
And to the music, I watch flight attendants move
They are pointing out the exits, but it looks more like a prayer
Or an ancient dance their bloodline reaches through

These planes are built for sifting through the warriors from the men
I've got time to sit and watch them for a while
You can see everywhere they're going, everywhere they've been
And how they look out at the clouds each time they smile

And I think, maybe he's in town for someone's birthday
Maybe he makes trouble everywhere
But as much he resists the conversation between the rivers and the freeways
He knows it's always there

and more..... check out the video here

dawes- from a window seat

anyway, listening to this flying home last week I got to thinking about the dreams (thoughts, lives) of people on the plane- so much we know nothing about. I was going home, and happy about it, but there are so many other options.....

I drew the seat in front of me & the sleeping man on the plane and started to doodle on the left. last night, I did some collage and more work on the left side. I now wish I had left the right side black & white to show the richness of the mental state vs. the static state of flying, but now I know.


I'm on the road for the next few weeks and challenging myself to journal. I made the damn books after all :)